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In memory of Marley 1995 - 2009

Marley passed on in late 2009. Caring for her was our duty as dog owners and we hope this web site can help anybody who needs information about coping with this very tricky disease.

We are grateful and lucky to have had you in our family for as such a long time, you remain with us in our memories, in our thoughts and especially in our hearts.

You always were very present in everything around you and such an affectionate and sensitive little being, you became the center of our lives and the true joy of our days.

Everyone that got to know you came out somehow enhanced by the experience and they all ask about you even many years later, your personality was so unique and strong that you truly had a mind of your own.

As you grew older you never became an ''old'' dog and were always vibrant energetic and forceful even and mostly when you got sick.

It truly was an honor and our duty to nurse and care for you these last few months and feel we all grew closer despite of the hand that was dealt us, ''we had the kidney disease, it did NOT have us!''.

When you first came along I had no clue how to care for a dog, you quickly taught me everything I needed to know and then some, you have taught me patience, love and appreciation and you will ALWAYS be right here with us where you belong.

Getting you all those years ago was the best thing I've ever decided to do and have come out of this grateful to have known you.

Thank you for being our dog and mostly our friend and sister.

We miss you so much, your departure has left a huge empty space in our lives that will never truly be filled, your home will always be here and you will never be forgotten...Wherever you are I'm sure you're barking my friend.

Stephanie, Isabella and Alex





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